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The Wave Library is Forbi Perise's dream to give kids access to resources through a public library in his hometown Buea, Cameroon.

Books and other printed materials have impacted people and communities over the years, and it is no doubt that books with an environmental background can help shape the minds and behaviour of young people for the benefit of our planet. When young people learn about the environment in a fun and educational way, they turn to make decisions that are sustainable. While young people are the future of our planet, it remains imperative for us to provide them the resources required in order to make informed decisions.

Since 2021, the Wave Library has collected more than 700 books.

The next step is to find a permanent place for the library in Buea.

The community library will serve as a hub for collecting and distributing resources for youth in the area to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental issues around them. It will be a physical location where books, magazines, and other written materials will be housed, and it will also serve as a meeting space for the young people to interact and share their ideas for a better future.


Forbi Perise

Forbi Perise, also known as "The Plastic Man", is an environmental leader and activist from Buea, Cameroon, currently working at ThinkOcean. 

In 2020, Forbi Perise was one of the very inspiring young speakers at the United Nations World Oceans Day.

In the process of doing this work, Forbi Perise has found that there are many youths who are extremely passionate and eager to learn, however they are challenged by the lack of resources for environmental education in Cameroon.  This is how The Wave Library project was born.

Media coverage of Forbi's actions: Cameroon Intelligence Report (2022), World Economic Forum (2021), Global Citizen (2020), PlanetForward (2020),

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Janina Rossiter

Amazon bestselling, award winning artist and multi-award-winning author Janina Rossiter brings her passions together in her work: painting and illustrating children's books.

Janina has been supporting Forbi Perise's dream from the very first fundraising by coordinating the collection and the shipping of books to Cameroon. She is also the designer of the wonderful Wave Library's logo.

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Wangari Maathai

“You cannot protect the environment unless you empower people, you inform them, and you help them understand that these resources are their own, that they must protect them."
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